Small Wind Turbines

Wind turbine schemes less than 50m in tip height or less than 50kW generating capacity, which are covered by Scottish National Heritage Guidance on Micro-Renewables and Schemes do not require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

We can supply a highly competitive package comprising:
  • Photography
  • Mapping
  • Visualisations: Panoramic View, Panoramic Photomontage and Wireframe
which are sufficient to accompany your planning application without specialist commentary from a landscape architect.

windfarm photomontage, wind farm photomontage

windfarm wireline, wind farm wireline

Typically for turbines in excess of 50m in height or for planning applications which require a Wind Farm Environmental Impact Assessment (Wind Farm EIA), you are required to provide commentary from a landscape architect to support the mapping and visualisations which I can produce.